• Storz & Bickel Mighty


    The Mighty is a powerhouse vaporizer. Desktop performance in a portable form factor! Operation is extremely simple due to the plus/minus keys and the large, bright LED-display. Just set your desired temperature, and as soon as the Mighty reaches that temperature, the device is ready for use. The display shows the actual temperature and your desired temperature,…

  • Storz & Bickel Crafty


    The Crafty, has a compact construction and uses a single Lithium-Ion battery for power. One-button operation makes it very easy to use. Hold the button down for one second to turn it on, and it heats up automatically to the default set basic temperature of 356°F. With a double-click of the button, you activate the booster temperature of 383°F.…

  • Haze Dual v3


    Haze Dual is a revolutionary vaporizer with  dual bowls, allowing the user to vaporize dry materials, concentrates, and oils interchangeably and simultaneously. Every Haze Dual includes a stainless steel and a glass mouthpiece to prevent any interference with vapor taste and is crafted with advanced, patented heating technology for rapid heat up time.

  • Boundless CFV

    $219.00 $214.00

    The Boundless CFV utilizes a powerful quick-heating, convection only, technology which takes vape innovation to the next level. Featuring a 30 seconds or less heat-up time, an easy to read OLED screen, and rugged exterior casing, the CFV is one of the fastest and most stylish portable vaporizers in the industry. The CFV produces massive amounts of vapor…

  • Arizer Air

    $259.00 $179.00

    Ultra-compact & lightweight, easy to operate & maintain, and completely portable, the Arizer Air features a high quality ceramic heating element, high quality glass dishes, and high quality rechargeable, interchangeable lithium batteries.  Offering an hour of continuous use per charge, plus the ability to use the unit while charging the battery, and the option to have spare batteries fully charged, the Arizer Air is ideal…

  • Goboof Alfa

    $199.00 $179.00

    The Alfa by Goboof is portable, lightweight, and heats up in a quick 30 seconds. The Alfa’s rotary dial makes selecting a temperature simple, giving you three manual and two automatic heat settings to choose from. It’s oven contains a central heating-pin to ensure that your blends are vaporized evenly and quickly. And with up to 2…

  • AirVape Xs


    AirVape Xs is the ultimate personal herbal vaporizer. Featuring an extremely thin design and convection-like heating performance, its perfectly sized, oval ceramic heating chamber and comfortable, food-grade, rubber covered glass mouthpiece, makes for great tasting vapor. But don't let its small size fool you, the AirVape Xs is packed with useful features: It vibrates when ready, has an…

  • Boundless CFX

    $179.00 $159.00

    The Boundless CFX utilizes a powerful quick-heating technology which takes vape innovation to the next level. Featuring a 30 seconds or less heat-up time, a full 1.7 inch OLED screen, and rugged exterior casing, the CFX is one of the fastest and most stylish portable vaporizers in the industry. The CFX easily produces massive amounts of vapor while simultaneously…

  • G Pen Elite

    $169.00 $159.00

    The G Pen Elite is an ergonomically designed portable conduction vaporizer, featuring a full LED display with temperature control, battery life indicator, and all-ceramic heating chamber.

  • FlowerMate v5.0 ProFlowerMate v5.0 Pro
    Out Of Stock

    FlowerMate v5.0 Pro

    $159.00 $129.00

    The FlowerMate v5.0 Pro is the brand new version of the classic FlowerMate v5 Series! It now includes a digital temperature control system with display and is an advanced pocket-sized aromatherapy device that employs a high tech heating chamber which heats only to the point of vaporization. Unlike other devices which cause materials to combust, destroying many of their key…

  • FM HybridXFM HybridX
    Out Of Stock

    FlowerMate HybridX

    $129.00 $125.00

    The FlowerMate HybridX is the newest vaporizer/box mod from FlowerMate, now with an included tank and glass mouthpiece! Its digital temperature control system with display provides precise control of this advanced pocket-sized aromatherapy device. It employs a high tech heating chamber, for dry materials, oils and waxes (with included pod), and a 510 threaded 60W power port for atomizers. Unlike…

  • Magic-Flight Launch Box

    From: $119.00

    The Magic-Flight Launch Box is beautifully crafted and intuitively designed. It is powered by a rechargeable AA NiMH battery and holds the title of the world’s smallest electronic vaporizer, making it the perfect option for low-profile vaporizing on-the-go.

  • Vivant Alternate

    $129.00 $119.00

    The Alternate is a loose-leaf vaporizer meant for everyday use. It features a sophisticated design, utilizing convection heating and precision temperature control. It's the perfect vaporizer for health-conscious vapers who prefer vaporization over combustion. Its convection heating system uses hot air to produce vapors from flower products. This reduces harsh byproducts associated with traditional conduction vaporization. Get…

  • Vapium Summit

    $149.00 $99.00

    The Summit by Vapium is a rugged portable vaporizer that is as powerful as it is easy to use. With innovative technology, high-quality construction and intuitive functionality crafted specifically for on-the-go use, the Summit refines industry standards of both utility and style that performs wherever the trail may lead, and beyond.

  • Vaponic PlusVaponic Plus
    Out Of Stock

    Vaponic Plus


    The Vaponic Plus is based on the classic Vaponic vaporizer. It's heated with a flame and maintains all the advantages of the patented double air stream vaporizing system. At the same time, it offers a series of additional advantages: more nature, more style and more safety. The crucial element is the new transport case made of…

  • Vapman

    From: $85.00

    The Vapman Vaporizer, made in Switzerland, utilizes phyto-inhalation to produce clean and robust vapor. This process produces no smoke and extracts the full flavor and purity from your plant material. Containing virtually no contaminants, the user is able to receive a clean vapor steam that includes only the active ingredients from your blend.

  • VaponicVaponic
    Out Of Stock



    The Vaponic is a flame powered, reliable, and well thought-out portable vaporizer. Its patented double airstream vaporizing system, based on heat convection and conduction, will allow you to inhale cooled, strong and tasty vapor from your dry materials.

  • Chewy Grinder


    The Chewy Grinder is the world's first truly portable electric grinder. A tough polycarbonate body houses within a carbon steel blade ready for fast effective grinding. Powered by a 9 volt battery, Chewy can run up to 10 hours of continuous use. Its silicone cap allows you to carry up to 2 grams of your favorite…

  • CFV Micro Bubbler


    The Boundless CFV Micro Bubbler provides portable water filtration for the Boundless CFV vaporizer. No more sacrificing portability for water filtration, you get both when using the CFV Micro Bubbler!

  • CFV Aluminum Chamber


    The Boundless CFV Aluminum Chamber replaces the standard chamber and ring with a solid aluminum chamber, providing a little bit of conduction to the otherwise all convection vaporizer. This small amount of conduction allows you to use much lower temperatures on the CFV and get better extraction of your herbs! If you want to get off the…

  • CFX/CFV/CF Water Pipe Adapter


    The Boundless CFX/CFV/CF Water Pipe Adapter works on male and female 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joints. If you want to use your CFX, CFV or CF vapes with a bong, bubbler, or any other glass, this is the tool that can make it happen.

  • X-Max Water Tool Adapter


    The X-Max Water Tool Adapter will bring new life to your X-Max v2 vaporizer. Replace the standard rubberized mouthpiece with this premium glass water tool adapter one for an all-glass vapor path that will let you enjoy much cleaner flavor with your bubbler of choice.

  • Squeezers


    Short little spoons or the standard tweezers that come with most vapes are OK in a pinch, but if you want the best tool to get your material from a container and into your favorite vaporizer, you will love our very own Squeezers!

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